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Moto Art Naxos Rental Terms and Conditions

At Moto Art Naxos, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. As such, we have laid out specific rental terms and conditions to ensure the best possible experience with our services. By renting a vehicle from us, you agree to adhere to these terms.

1. Vehicle Usage and Penalties

Our vehicles are strictly designated for use on paved roads. The fun and adventure that Naxos island offers does not extend to driving our vehicles on the beach, in dry lakes, or off-road. Such actions are strictly prohibited and will attract penalties. If a renter’s driving is deemed abnormal, life-threatening, or constitutes improper use of the vehicle, Moto Art Naxos maintains the right to terminate the rental contract immediately without prior notice or refund. Please note that any traffic and parking violations incurred during the rental period are solely the driver’s responsibility.

2. Rental Inclusions

Our vehicle rental rates include a range of benefits designed to make your experience as seamless as possible. These include:

  • Comprehensive third-party insurance
  • Helmets for safe and legal driving
  • Unlimited kilometers for unbound exploration
  • Naxos road maps to help navigate the scenic island
  • Delivery and drop-off at selected stations, including the airport, port, and optionally selected hotels
  • All applicable taxes

3. Returning the Vehicle

Renters are required to return the vehicle at the agreed date, time, and location as stipulated in the rental contract. Additionally, the vehicle should be in the same condition as when it was delivered. It’s crucial to refill the fuel tank to the same level as when received upon delivery, as we don’t provide refunds for unused fuel.

4. Requirements for Renting a Vehicle

To rent a vehicle from Moto Art Naxos, the driver must be between 25 and 75 years old and must have held a valid car driver’s license for at least 2 years. Alongside a driver’s license, a valid passport or ID card is required. Please note that some non-European drivers may be required to present an International Driver’s License. For further clarification, kindly contact our team.

5. Insurances

All vehicles come with third-party insurance, which covers the cost of damage to other vehicles in case of an accident. However, any damage caused to the rented vehicle will be the responsibility of the renter. We offer additional insurance options for those seeking extra coverage—please contact us to learn more about these.

6. Insurance Exceptions

Insurance coverage does not apply in instances where the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or has violated Greek traffic code regulations. Furthermore, driving in unsafe and inaccessible areas (such as swampy areas, rocky terrains, sandy beaches, etc.) is not covered by insurance.

In the event of an accident or other issues, it’s crucial to contact our office immediately. All traffic fines incurred during the rental period will be paid by the responsible renter.

7. Off-Island Renting

Renting outside of Naxos island is allowed, but only with the explicit written consent of Moto Art Naxos.

By renting from Moto Art Naxos, you ensure an exceptional and memorable island experience. Our rental terms and conditions are designed to promote safe and responsible use of our vehicles for an unforgettable adventure. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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