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Our Cars

When comfort meets style, your Naxos journey is taken to a whole new level. At Moto Art Naxos, we provide a diverse range of cars, each offering unique benefits and features to suit all types of travelers.

Navigate the island in the Fiat 500 Cult Hybrid, where Italian style pairs with eco-friendly technology for a smooth and sustainable ride.

Experience a compact yet spacious drive in the Hyundai i10. It’s the perfect blend of practicality and style, designed to maneuver comfortably through the narrow streets of Naxos.

The New Kia Picanto, a modern and stylish city car, is perfect for an enjoyable ride around the island, providing a balance of comfort, safety, and versatility.

Venture off the beaten path with the Suzuki Jimny, a compact and robust 4×4, perfect for those wanting to explore the rugged terrains and hidden corners of Naxos.

Opt for the Fiat Panda, a car that boasts simplicity and functionality, making it an excellent choice for families or small groups.

Lastly, the Toyota Aygo stands out for its innovative design and fuel efficiency, offering an ideal ride for those seeking an economical yet fun way to discover Naxos.

Our cars are meticulously maintained and regularly serviced to ensure a safe, comfortable, and memorable journey for you. Choose your perfect car and start your Naxos adventure today.

Fiat 500 Cult Hybrid

Kia Picanto

Fiat Panda

Suzuki Jimny

Hyundai i10

Toyota Aygo

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